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Our aesthetics treatments are designed to help you look and feel your best by accentuating your natural beauty.

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About Us

Within Longridge Travel Health Clinic, we now offer aesthetic treatments by our partner Accentuate Aesthetics. Our professional and experienced Pharmacist will use a holistic approach to tailor treatments to you. Using only world leading brands we aim to keep things natural by subtly enhancing and refreshing your natural features.

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3 easy steps to get you looking and feeling your best self


A comprehensive medical and social history is taken, along with pre-treatment photos.

A tailored treatment plan will be presented that will be the most flattering whilst considering costs and best products.

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Our qualified pharmacists will carry out the treatment ensuring your comfort and desired looks are achieved. Local anaesthetic cream will be applied to minimise discomfort.

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We will provide comprehensive after-care advice containing all the information you require to maintain and care for your treatment. Our pharmacists are at hand for any queries or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the ageing process, we lose some of the skin’s essential building blocks such as collagen and fat, which are the materials that prevent our skin from becoming loose and wrinkly. Dermal fillers restore volume in selected areas for up to one year e.g in laugh lines, whilst botox freezes the muscles for 3-5 months to prevent lines on the skin above e.g crows feet.

Both products are made of hyaluronic acid, which already exists naturally in our bodies. Fillers are thicker as they restore volume e.g in the lips, chin etc and are long-lasting, whilst skin boosters are runny with the ability to moisturise and repair skin from within. Skin boosters can be used all over the face as well as the neck and hands.

For the moment we offer Belotero Lips Shape & Contour, Revolax (Fine, Deep, Sub-Q), Restylane (Kysse, Lyft, Refyne, Defyne, Vital, Volyme, Eyelight), Juvederm (Ultra, Volbella, Volift, Voluma, Volux), Bocouture, Branded Botox, Sunekos 200, Teoxane Redensity 1, Seventy Hyal, Dermaren Lumi Eyes and lastly, Hyalase for filler dissolving/ reversal.

Each individual product and range is unique so there is something for everyone.

Certainly lip filler in patients of all ages alongside cheek filler to look more youthful. Botox in the common areas are popular, such as forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet, although everyone will have different individual concerns. As for skinboosters, treating dark undereye circles specifically is very popular.

It is important to know that in the UK there is zero regulation or concern for safety when it comes to injectables.Β  One day you could be laying bricks and the next you can complete a 1/2 day course and inject faces. The risks are numerous, from buying fillers from non-pharmacy websites to having no understanding of anatomy. It is important to choose someone from a medical background such as a dr, nurse, dentist, or pharmacist who is governed by their relevant medical council. We would only do things thoroughly in fear of losing our registrations which took years of studying. Medical injectors have the ability to prescribe, are continually bettering themselves and have thorough insurance policies and procedures in place.

Everything that we decide to do in life has a margin of risk. No outcome is ever 100 percent certain, it’s what we do to mitigate that risk that matters. Alongside anatomical knowledge, we also have the relevant training and access to medication to aid us and rectify any issues that may occur.

We are dedicated to providing natural realistic results. We won’t make you extremely frozen with botox or overfilled with filler.Β  If you are unsure please contact us on WhatsApp or by email for our professional opinion, we are always happy to help.

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